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What to Read Next?

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NoveList provides information on over 155,000 fiction titles, including author read-alikes, book discussion guides, reading lists and more. Wondering what to read next? NoveList can help! click here,cpid&custid=s9228570&profile=novplus

NoveList K-8 provides information on over 60,000 fiction titles for children in kindergarten through 8th grade, including author read-alikes, book lists, book discussion guides, reading lists and more. This is a great resource for kids, parents, and teachers. click here

The library district is a member of the Washington Anytime Library powered by Overdrive. With this service you may download eBooks and eAudiobooks to your home computer, portable device, ereader, or smart phone.  You will need a library card to access this service. click here

Additional websites for reading recommendations: