Burbank Library Expansion

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Jon Campbell, Architect, PLLC

A Bit of History

Library service in Western Walla Walla County began when the district was created in 1972 by a vote of residents in the unincorporated areas of Walla Walla County. Residents in this area received service by way of access to the Mid Columbia Library, a distance of 15 miles away, a books by mail service, and also had access to the Walla Walla Public Library, a distance of 45 miles away.

In the late 1980's, a Burbank Library branch was created in the Burbank Schools and was later moved to another building on the West side of Highway 12. In the mid 1990's a plan to build a standalone library in Burbank Heights was formed. The current Burbank Library was opened in 1996.

Why Expand the Library?

The current library is too small to meet the needs of the library users in the Burbank, Wallula, and Snake River areas.

Library programs must take place in the middle of the only public space in the library - or are taken outside to accommodate large crowds. 

Library users have asked for a meeting room that can be used whether the library is open or closed.

The library offers six public use computers that are in constant use. More computers cannot be added without removing public seating areas or books.

Library users are frequently required to park along Lake Road as even the library's parking lot is too small to accommodate those who would like to use the library.

Library shelves are so full that there isn't enough room for new materials while maintaining existing popular materials on the shelves.

The Future of the Burbank Library
  • The Burbank Library is set to grow from every side - additions will be added on all four sides of the current building. The current library sits on land the District owns and there is plenty of room for expansion.

  • A meeting room will be added that will include a kitchenette and an outdoor patio area. It will be built so it may be reserved and used even when the library is closed.

  • A new larger Children's Room will be added on the opposite side of the building. A dedicated area for Teens will be added as well.

  • Two private study rooms will be included in the new design - perfect for tutoring, scheduling a one on one meeting, or for a truly quiet study area.

  • An Adult Reading Area will be added near the Children's Area allowing parents and caregivers to relax with a book, a magazine, or use the free WiFi while still easily monitoring their children's enjoyment of the library.

  • A redesigned checkout area will be added allowing for much easier interactions with your library. A larger and more convenient area for the public copy machine and community bulletin boards will be added as well.

  • For library staff there will be a staff bathroom added, as well as a small break room, and work areas for up to five employees. Dedicated offices for the Burbank Librarian, and the Collection Development Librarian will be added as well.

Building the Burbank Library - 1996

The current Burbank Library

Library programs take over the entire usable space in the library

If library programs are too big, they are moved outside