Vista Hermosa Library, Plaza Library, and Administrative Office

What About the Vista Hermosa Library?

The Vista Hermosa Library is a successful collaboration between the Vista Hermosa School, Broetje Orchards, and the District.  While it is not planned to be expanded at this time, the District is committed to providing excellent library service for the Vista Hermosa community and will continue to respond to library service needs there into the future.

What about the Plaza Library and the current Administrative Office?

The District will close, and consolidate, both of its current locations within the city limits of Walla Walla into the new Central Library and Administrative Center to be located in College Place.

The Plaza Library is a well used resource for the Library District and the public.  The usage of the library demonstrated a clear demand for a convenient "quick stop" location to pick up and order library materials.  The library registered over 500 new library users since it opened in the summer of 2011.  All staff and resources from this location will move to the Central Library and Administrative Center.

The District's current Administration Office, located on Jade Avenue in Walla Walla since 1992, has served the district well - but it is much too small to accommodate the current, and future, growth of the District.  All staff and administrative functions of the District will move to the Central Library and Administrative Center.

All staff and assets from these two locations will be consolidated into the new College Place location, including:
  • Eight currently budgeted staff members.
  • The collection of over 7,000 items at the Plaza Library. Many more items will be added to this for a substantial opening day collection.
  • The furniture and shelving at the Plaza Library will be reused at one of the smaller library branch expansions - saving additional funds in the construction budget.

Current, Rented, Rural Library Administrative Office
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Study Area at the Vista Hermosa Library

The Plaza Library