Prescott Library Relocation

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Jon A Campbell, Architect, PLLC

A Bit of History

Library service in northern Walla Walla county began when the district was created in 1974 by a vote of residents in the unincorporated areas of Walla Walla County. Residents in this area received service by way of access to the Walla Walla Public Library, a distance of 20 to 30 miles away, and with a books by mail service. Residents of the city of Prescott received the same service when their city council contracted with the Library District in 1975. This contract continues today.

In the early 2000's the 7th and 8th grade class at the Prescott School District participated in Project Citizen, and chose to research having a public library in their community.

In 2002 a partnership between the City of Prescott, the Prescott Lions Hall, and the District resulted in the opening of the Prescott Branch Library in a historic store front on D Street. This cooperative effort was bolstered by countless volunteers from the local community who donated time and services to help convert the space to be used as a library.

Why Relocate the Library?

Currently the 900 square foot library is too small to accommodate the needs of the public. Programming space in the library is almost nonexistent - programs are taken outside to a small green space next to a busy intersection with State Route 124 or taken to the Prescott Lions Hall.

If a program takes place inside the library, attendance is severely limited by the space available and library services are suspended while the program is taking place.

The library currently offers only three public access computers due to space restrictions. The computers are in great demand, waiting lists can be long - and there isn't space to add more.

The library is currently located on probably the busiest corner in Prescott - an intersection with State Route 124 that sees large amounts of traffic. The library attracts many young people and members of the community have expressed concerns that the current location does not meet the needs of a safe public gathering space for all ages.

The Future Prescott Library

In November 2012, the District Board of Trustess approved the purchase of 104 West 1st Street in Prescott as the new location for the library. The property was previously owned by the Prescott School District and was used as housing for district teachers. The location is just down the street from the current library location, about a block closer to the Prescott School itself.

The new location will double the size of the library, provide green space outside of the library, and will move the library away from the busy corner on State Route 124.

Plans for the new library include defined areas for children, teens, and adults.

Expanded seating areas, more shelving for library materials, and more public computers will be added.

The new design also includes a meeting room that will allow for larger programs - and ensure that programs will not disrupt the use of the library's other services.

Dedicated parking for the library will be included will greater handicap accessibility, and an outside courtyard for the public to enjoy.

Conceptual Designs for the new Prescott Library, click the picture below for a larger look!

Conceptual design of the Prescott Library

Current Prescott Library

Programs at the Prescott Library must be taken offsite because 
of a lack of room inside the library.

New location of the Prescott Library - this house will be reused as the core structure of the new library.

Current Library Location and New Library Location: